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Training and Assistance for Federal Contractors

SBA Online Classes

Business Opportunities: A Guide to Winning Federal Contracts—a free class, which outlines how to participate in federal contract programs. The 30-minute program focuses on the contracting process and includes links to more than 40 websites. View this and other small-business courses at

INSIGHT: Guide to 8(a) Business Development Program—a free class, which helps you understand how to apply for an 8(a) certification. View this and other small-business courses at


Take advantage of counseling services available specifically for small businesses. Go to their websites to see the specific services, counseling, and training that each provides:

Procurement Assistance

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers are another resource to know. They provide technical assistance to businesses that want to sell product and services to federal, state, and/or local governments. To find a PTAC near you, go to