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Mobilization Preparation Checklist

Primary Business Concerns
  Decide whether to suspend or sustain operations


  Designate key manager  
  Take inventory  
Updating Your Business
  Invest in training for yourself and your key managers  
Legal and Administrative Concerns
  Notify your legal and financial advisers about your deployment or potential of future mobilization  
  Assign power of attorney  
  Review Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) as needed  
  Review leases  
  Review Servicemembers Civil Relief Act  
  Review insurance status  
  Address the following:  
   Warranties/Guarantees: product, service, contract  
   Contracts and agreements: assignment, completion, non-complete, confidentiality,
 nondisclosure, franchise
   Contingent legal problems: litigation, disputes, judgments  
   Strategic alliance agreements and obligations  
   Labor union agreements  
   Meet with employees to discuss future company objectives  
   Thoroughly review your business and identify problem areas  
   Review a list of assets and perform a physical inventory  
  Notify IRS of your deployment status  
  Identify any unresolved tax issues  
  Check IRS for updated tax information  
Other Financial Considerations
  Review the financial portions of your updated business plan (See administrative issues)  
  Determine financial needs prior to mobilization  
  Contact your lenders  
  Inform and request assistance from vendors and creditors  
  Loan deferral or interest rate restructuring as needed  
  Update listing in Dun & Bradstreet  
  Review credit report  
  Review and update all signature authorities  
  Review existing business plan or create a business plan  
  Check credit rating  
  Review Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan (MREIDL) if needed  
Healthcare Considerations
  Determine eligibility for military transitional healthcare  
  Update your and your family’s status in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Referral System (DEERS)  
  Review civilian insurance policy and decide whether to discontinue or change coverage  
  Change plans as appropriate and ensure proper enrollment/disenrollment dates  
  Explore veterans service organizations and small business association memberships for insurance plans  
  Determine the needs of your current customers  
  Reanalyze your company’s competitive advantages in order to update your market strategy  
  Determine the best way to satisfy your customers' needs in the current market  
  List all current and prospective customers  
  Summarize competitors' products  
  Research your competitors' strengths and weaknesses  
  Obtain copies of your competitors’ annual reports  
  Examine the strength of the current market  
  If applicable, notify your customers that your business will be temporarily closing  
  Obtain and compare competitors’ annual reports for the financial condition of businesses, market share, and insight into future projects  
  Conduct market research to determine current market strength for your business sectorList business in CCR (Central Contractor Registration system)  




From Balancing Business and Deployment, U.S. Small Business Administration