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Recurring Costs For Sustaining Your Business

Cost ($)
  Employee wages Monthly payroll
  Payroll taxes

Monthly employer-paid taxes for employees

  Health insurance Health insurance for employees
  Workman's compensation insurance
State required workman's comp insurance for employees
  Monthly rent or mortgage Rent or mortgage payments
  Security fees Security system or hired security service if not provided by building
  Business insurance Signs needed for outside office, on doors, walls, or otherwise
  Replenishing office supplies Paper, pens, staplers, binders, paper clips, etc.
  Lease payments for equipment
Monthly fees for leased equipment
  Inventory replenishment Costs required to restock inventory, including material, and production, etc.
  Monthly advertising Monthly costs for ongoing advertising and promotions
  Utility payments Monthly fees for utilities and other services
  Travel transportation Expenses involved for travel or transportation of goods
  Professional fees Monthly fees to legal, financial, and other professionals
  Bank service fees Monthly charges for banking fees
  Credit card processing fees Fees required for processing credit card payments
  Service fees Fees for services such as cleaning
  Other Additional costs not on this list
$ Total start up costs  




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