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Suspending Your Business: Timeline

Once you have decided that you will close your business upon deployment, it is important to develop a timeline for the shut-down procedures and another timeline that includes the steps to re-open your business when you return.

The timeline is based on the amount of time prior to deployment you will need to close out your business, financial and legal matters, distribute or store your inventory, reduce costs to a minimum, and ensure your business is secure. Obviously, it will vary depending on the size and complexity of your business. Your timeline should be comprehensive and include the following:

Here is a list of people you will need to get in touch with and how soon you should notify them. Make a note of the types of people you interact with regularly and add them to this list:

The truth is that you will never know how long you will have between the time when you receive your orders and when you actually deploy. Therefore, your timeline must be flexible and must accommodate deployments with advance warning and deployments that occur without warning, such as in the case of natural disasters or emergencies.

It is also smart to have someone who is familiar with your plan and can implement the elements.





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