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Sustaining Your Business: Employee Plan

Employees are a critical part of your deployment plan if you sustain your business while deployed. To ensure your employees are prepared, a special employee deployment manual can become an important part of your overall deployment plan.

While you should have a written employee manual anyway, it is particularly critical to have on hand for each employee while you are deployed. It will reinforce how to perform certain functions and procedures, it will clarify the tasks for which each employee is responsible, and it spell out your policies and procedures. Your employee manual should include these topics:

You should also have a "deployment manual," that will go into effect when you deploy. It does not need to duplicate your regular employee manual, but it should include any changes that will go into effect when you are gone. For example, if you are the President/CEO, it should be noted that where the employee manual refers to the President/CEO, the person you appoint will act on the President’s behalf. As with everything, be sure to check with your attorney or legal advisor to ensure that both your employee manual and your deployment manual are in full compliance with state and federal laws.

Issues that should be addressed in your deployment manual include:

Once your employees have received and reviewed the deployment manual, it is important that they actually use the manual to comply with your deployment plan. These exercises would be useful:



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