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Sustaining Your Business: Legal And Financial Issues

Before you are deployed, it is important that you have worked with your legal and financial advisors to ensure that your business is financially stable enough to be sustained while you are gone and to ensure that you are legally protected while others are running your business. The SBA, IRS, and JAG are all valuable legal and financial resources you can turn to for online assistance and information.

If you choose to sustain your business, it is critical that your business is protected legally while you are deployed. Following is a list of legal issues you will need to discuss with an attorney as your build and implement your deployment plan:

It is important that you update and analyze your business cash flow statements as you build your deployment plan. You will need to determine what the monthly costs of doing business are and the minimum revenue you will need to bring in monthly to keep your business afloat. In addition, you will want to meet with your accountant or other financial advisor to make sure your taxes will be taken care of in addition to all other financial needs. Following is a list of financial issues you will need to discuss as you build and implement your deployment plan:

Your legal and financial advisors will be a tremendous asset in building your deployment plan.