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ARC Loans FAQs

What is an ARC Loan?

How is "viable" defined and who defines it? What constitutes "immediate financial hardship"?

What loans/debts are "qualifying" and eligible to benefit from ARC? Can the proceeds be used to make payments on another SBA-guaranteed loan?

Can ARC loans be used to pay a home equity line of credit and credit card debt?
ARC loans can be used to pay home equity lines of credit and credit card obligations if the debt is for busi- ness purposes that meets 7(a) standards. Documentation requirements for assistance with home equity and credit card debt are stringent. (Contact your SBA lender for details).

How do I obtain an ARC loan?

Where can I get more information or speak with someone at SBA about ARC loans?

Is my business right for an ARC loan?

I've been making my business loan payments on time. Am I still eligible for an ARC loan? Can I use an ARC loan to establish a line of credit?

How long do I have to obtain an ARC loan?

ARC loans are available through SBA-approved lenders as long as funding is available or through Sept. 30, 2010, whichever comes first.

For more information on the ARC loans program and eligibility requirements go to





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